Grand Assembly of Massachusetts
  Susan A. Torrey, Supreme Deputy

Massachusetts Grand Assembly

Camp Activities

Camp programs are carefully arranged to allow a camper to experience all aspects of our exciting in-camp activities.  Instruction in such skills as archery, arts and crafts, and water safety are only part of our busy schedule designed to encourage social, recreational, and athletic involvement. Some classes are taught every year, and some are added based on the talents of the staff. So check back here close to the beginning of camp for updated class offerings!

Classes and free-swim periods are held in the 25′ x 50′ pool.  The buddy system is used at all times.

Following complete indoctrination in the handling of pellet rifles, campers have the opportunity to work toward National Rifle Association awards at the rifle range. (Pro-marksman through Expert.)

Canoeing and Kayaking
Water activities are conducted on Lake Maquan under the guidance of trained personnel.

Those choosing archery work for awards given through the Camp Archery Association.  Girls may progress from Junior Yeoman through American Archer.

Arts and Crafts
Our arts & crafts room is fully stocked with everything from feathers to fabric. Campers may choose to make any craft which interests them, and occasionally participate in guided crafts with the Counselor or JC. Pinterest anyone?

Liquid Embroidery

Campers enjoy painting original ideas on shirts, pillow cases, stationary and aprons. On the last day of the week they have the chance to tye dye a project, or something they brought from home.


Creative adaptations of interesting productions.  Girls dress-up and perform these cute mini-plays with script, singing and dancing.

American Sign Language

Learn basic sign language and be able to present the Pledge of Allegiance and a song.

Unique evening activities, scavenger hunts, gimmie, skits, and more, are also planned to match each week's theme. You won't know what they will be until dinner every night.