2021-2022 Grand Worthy Advisor in MA

Be a GIRL in Massachusetts Rainbow
Go-Getter, Innovator, Resilient, Leader

by Erin E. B., PWA of Natick Assembly No. 28





Honored Stations:

Quote / Motto:


Bandana:  Go-Getter, Rosie the Riveter
Brain:  Symbol of Innovation
Humming Birds:  intelligence, beauty, devotion, and love and resilience
Tiara: Symbol of leadership and power

Lotus Flower - strength, resilience, and rebirth

Pearl the Elephant - symbols of luck and prosperity, but they are also powerful beings that use their mighty strength to remove obstacles and negative forces

Rosie the Riveter bandana Red
Brain Pink
Hummingbird Green
Tiara Silver

Service: Though all the lessons of Rainbow are important, Service is the cornerstone of our order. Service to family, school, community and each other is the most important act we can ever do in this life.

"Every girl, no matter where she lives, deserves the opportunity to develop the promise inside of her." ~ Michelle Obama

Shriners Hospital for Children