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How Do I Know If Rainbow Is Right For My Daughter?

As parents, we don’t always know what’s best for our children. But if there were a way to fast-forward time, to see if the choices we made for our young daughter turned out to make a difference in her life as an adult, wouldn’t that be a remarkable tool?

While we can’t predict the future, we can learn from the past. The testimony of one former Rainbow Girl should help. Joan Smith is now a successful owner of a research and marketing firm. She was a member of Rainbow Girls for many years and has fond memories of the friends she made and the fun they experienced. More importantly, Joan applauds Rainbow for teaching her specific lessons that have carried her through life.

If you want your daughter to be the best that she can be, make new friends, develop an interest in her community and become a public speaker, then Rainbow is right for her! Massachusetts Rainbow invites your daughter and you to join us at a fun event near you. As a parent, you are invited and welcome at all Rainbow events - from meetings to charity projects to fun bowling nights!