Grand Assembly of Massachusetts
  Susan A. Torrey, Supreme Deputy

Massachusetts Grand Assembly

2018-2019 Grand Officers Jobs - Pilot Program

The following job descriptions are the original from the proposal of the project. Keep in mind that this program is still in its pilot phase. Because this is the first year of the program, we encourage change and improvement. These leadership positions may evolve over the year as we put them into practice, so we invite you to develop amendments to these descriptions. 

State RACOM Reporter
Clare M. J., Grand Assembly Banner Bearer
Similar to the job of a RACOM Reporter of a local Assembly, the State RACOM Reporter would write a report for each issue of the RACOM that is published throughout the year. They would also write boosters submitted by Grand Officers & Representatives, and have the opportunity to work with the RACOM Editor to improve RACOM for future publications.
Historian for the Grand Year

Reagan M. K., Grand Fidelity
The job of the Historian is to ensure the Grand Year is well recorded through photos. The Historian should be taking photos of every moment so there can be a record of every event of the year. If the Historian cannot be at an event to take photos, she should coordinate with someone who will be present and can send photos. The Historian will collect and organize these photos for the year and help with any projects involving these photos.
Community Service Liaison
Meigan ACR M., Grand Drill Leader
Service is the core of our organization and every year the Grand Worthy Advisor has a service project for the state to participate in. Whether that project be donating items or donating time, it is the duty of the Community Service Liaison to help the GWA to coordinate and track her service progress throughout the year. She would also be at the helm of publicity for the Grand Service Project so the year can be as successful as possible.
Grand Representative Liaison
Kaitlin J. C., Grand Service
The Grand Representative Liaison would be a big sister of sorts, helping to guide Grand Representatives to being Grand Officers one day. She would help to match Grand Officers and Representatives with each other so that Representatives can receive the guidance of an older girl. This position also includes getting to know the Grand Representatives and answering their questions throughout the year.
Rainbow Camp Ambassador
Cailyn S. M., Grand Confidential Observer
The role of the Rainbow Camp Ambassador requires a girl who loves camp. She would work with the Camp Board in anyway needed, helping to push Camperships, answering questions about RCMA, and encouraging girls to attend camp at any age. She will also work to perform and encourage any service towards camp, such as clean up days, donating money for camperships for girls, and donating needed supplies.
Tribute Director
Nicole C., Grand Treasurer
In the past, there has been a stress on oral presentations such as the American Flag tribute, the Honored Station Essay, and the Elevator Speech. Now, the Tribute Director will organize the publicity, submission, organization, and presentation of such speeches. The selection of winning pieces would be under the discretion of those who have judged in past years. The 5 prompts include: What Rainbow Means to Me, the American Flag, Elevator Speech, the Honored Station(s), and an approved prompt decided by the Tribute Director that would change by year.
Scholarship Liaison
Jessica M. M., Grand Nature
The role of the Scholarship Liaison is to offer vital youth input in order that the Massachusetts Rainbow can continue to award scholarships to its members. Working closely with the Grand Scholarship Committee, this role requires knowledge of fun events that would aide in fundraising for scholarships. This job also requires events like the Scholarship Ball and Mr. Rainbow be heavily publicized by the Liaison.
Membership Committee

Chair: Jessie R. P., Grand Patriotism

Julia R. H., Grand Love
Bailey E. C., Grand Rainbow Flag Bearer
Nitasha V. G., Grand American Flag Bearer

The Membership Committee is a group of approximately 4 to 5 girls that would work together to help grow membership in the state. They will work with the Grand Worthy Advisor to ensure her membership project for the year is carried out efficiently. As well as working on the state level, they would work within districts on the local level to help grow membership in individual Assemblies. This team should be continuously brainstorming new ways to grow and developing means of action to make these ideas happen. During the year, the team would also be in charge of tracking membership and completing a growth report.

Social Media Team

Chair: Melissa W. K., Grand Recorder

Elizabeth R. P., Grand Outer Observer
Paige E. N., Grand Page East
Meagan E. W., Grand Christian Flag Bearer
Melanie K. S., Grand Choir Director
The Social Media Team is a group of approximately 4 to 5 dedicated girls that would be at the helm of Massachusetts Rainbows media exposure. Staying connected in this digital age is vital to growing and surviving as an organization. A Social Media Team would post reminders, announcements, and any other posts deemed fit by overseeing adults and the Grand Worthy Advisor. There would be system of approval before anything is posted by this team, as what they post would represent all of Rainbow.
Hospitality Team

Chair: Sarah R. B., Grand Immortality

Christine D. C., Grand Chaplain
Sarah P. G., Grand Religion
Mikayla M. A.,Grand State Flag Bearer
The Hospitality Team is approximately 3 to 5 girls who are in charge of helping our sponsoring bodies to feel welcome at our events. These girls would greet our guests, helping them to know when they will be introduced and when they will be speaking. After these events, this team will be in charge of writing “thank you” cards for these visitors, making sure they felt welcome and being sure they know we’re thankful for their attendance and support. The visitors this team would be in charge of guiding would range from Masons to out of State Rainbow girls.
Junior Advisory Committee

Chair: Rebecca M., Jr. PGWA

Megan A. F., Grand Worthy Advisor
Jennifer B. Z., Grand Worthy Associate Advisor
Kaitlyn A. G., Grand Charity
Isabella M. P., Grand Hope
Emily A. G., Grand Faith
The Junior Advisory Committee is a currently standing leadership position comprised of 5 girls (Grand Line Officers) that are in charge of keeping Rainbow current. With youthful insight and leadership capabilities, they plan, propose, and initiate projects that impact and change the way Massachusetts works. Examples of work done by the JAC is the Grand Officer Reception system as well as the formation of districts.