Grand Assembly of Massachusetts
  Susan A. Torrey, Supreme Deputy

Massachusetts Grand Assembly

Announcing the 2018-2019 G.W.A. in Massachusetts

Miss Megan A. F.

PWA of Spencer Assembly #72

Grand Representative to North/South Dakota (2011-2012)
Grand Representative to Tennessee (2012-2013)
Grand Patriotism (2014-2015)
Grand Confidential Observer (2015-2016)
Grand Chaplain (2016-2017)
Grand Charity (2017-2018)

To reach Megan, please email

My Term
"Aim for the Moon with Massachusetts Rainbow"


Nebula Blue, Meteor Magenta, Planet Purple, Spaceship Silver


"Hope is like the sun.  If you only believe in it when you see it, you'll never make it through the night." -- Star Wars:  The Last Jedi


Roswell, the Corgi Astronaut

Honored Stations:

Hope and Service


Zinnia (the first flower grown in space)

Service Project:

Reader to Reader, Inc.  (see below for more information) & Service Stars Hashtag Program


Stars - Rockets - Moons - Planets - Astronauts

Service Project Details: Reader to Reader, Inc.

Assemblies will collect books at their local lodges throughout the year in boxes provided to them. These boxes can be brought to each Grand Officers' Night, and will be collected into one massive book drive for the entire state at the end of the year.

What books can be donated??

Click below for details from the charity's website

Service Stars Hashtag Program

This project is to encourage girls to use Social Media to talk about the Service they perform in Rainbow

How does it work?

Girls will use their Instagram and/or Facebook accounts to post a picture and description of the service. Then they would use the hastag #ServiceStarIORG and tag Massachusetts Rainbow's Instagram or Facebook pages, linked below.

Membership Rocket Launch

Throughout the 2018-2019 Grand Year, this visual will be updated to track real-time membership growth. 

Which Assembly will have the first rocket??