2021-2022 Grand Worthy Advisor in MA

Spread your Wings and Fly with Massachusetts Rainbow

by Melanie K. S., PWA of Middleboro Assembly #58

MASCOT:  Bliss the Butterfly

COLORS:  Monarch Orange, Swallowtail Teal and Peacock Pansy Yellow

MOTTO:  "The Future belongs to those who Believe in the beauty of their Dreams." by Eleanor Roosevelt

FLOWER: The Snapdragon

SYMBOLS include:

  • Butterflies symbolize that with a little faith and hope, we can spread our own wings and fly anywhere our heart desires.
  • Wild Flowers symbolize that we are capable of growing in places that people thought we never would.
  • The Sun symbolizes that we can rise again and shine our own light even in times of darkness.


  • Hope - represents being able to see that there is light, despite all of the darkness, just like a butterfly in a coccoon.
  • Nature - which shows that the best view often comes after the most difficult journey.

SERVICE PROJECT:  Animal Rescue League of Boston