Grand Assembly of Massachusetts
  Susan A. Torrey, Supreme Inspector

Massachusetts Grand Assembly


Grand Assembly is pleased to announce a NEW Grand Assembly Merit Bar Award called INITIATION 7


How many girls have earned visitation bars? How many girls have filled in and did ritual for an initiation? How many girls knew the ritual for those offices? Now, those girls who visit for an initiation and render the ritual by memory on 7 occasions in one year (January to December) will receive a special merit bar awarded by Grand Assembly in June annually.

This brand new purple merit bar is for service in visiting and rendering initiatory ritual for sister Assemblies at an exemplification with stand-in candidate or initiation. The color is different from the violet bar for service and will be known as “INITIATION 7” signifying the times a girl rendered the ritual, by memory, of one of the stations: the 7 Bow, Chaplain and the 5 line officers. Therefore, you will have 13 rituals from which to learn and help your Sister Assemblies have more officers for their initiations which, then, would be more meaningful and beautiful rendition of our Rainbow ritual for the candidate. You only get credit for one part per initiation, even if you participate as multiple stations, and credit is limited to Massachusetts assemblies only.

You will be required to bring the INITIATION 7 form with you to every initiation that you attend, and the Mother Advisor must sign and seal the page to confirm the office for which you memorized the ritual. Reading the ritual does not fulfill the requirement for this merit bar. It is your responsibility to bring the form and take care of all required signatures and seals on the day of visitation.

All INITIATION 7 forms must be submitted by your Mother Advisor with the Assembly Annual Reports by January 15th.

Download the INITIATION 7 form and get going!