Grand Assembly of Massachusetts
  Susan A. Torrey, Supreme Deputy

Massachusetts Grand Assembly

Meet the Staff

2017 Summer Staff

Sarah M. is from Natick Assembly #28.  This will be her second as a Counselor during which she will be teaching Arts & Crafts as well as sports. She was a JC for three years and a camper for four summers.  She likes to have fun while being responsible, and because of that she feels she is able to relate to both the campers and the staff.  Her favorite activity is Sports because it “she is the most athletic”.

Megan F. is from Spencer Assembly #72. She is currently the Archery and Drama Counselor. Megan enjoys being on staff because she loves helping campers to learn new skills. Her favorite activity at camp is Drama, because she loves to sing!

Becky F. is from Middleboro Assembly #58. I was a camper for four summers, a JC for two, and this will be my second summer as the canoeing and kayaking counselor. Camp is one of my favorite places to be (I mean Disney World is up there, too, but that is right behind camp) because you make so many friends and memories here that will last a lifetime. I am so excited for this summer with all the fun we have planned and hope everyone else is just as is excited as the rest of staff!

Rebecca M. is from Natick Assembly #28. She has been a camper for six summers, however this will be her second year as a JC. Her favorite thing about camp is to bond and create lifelong friendships! She loves riflery class and has even obtained her hunting and boating certification.
Christine "Greenbeans" C. Hello, my name is Christine and I am a PWA of Newton Assembly #60 and Grand Recorder for the 2017-2018 Grand Year. I am so excited to be working as a Junior Counselor this summer at the Most Magical Place on Earth! I love traveling to other assemblies and meeting my fellow Rainbow Sisters from all over the world. I have made so many amazing friendships and eaten so much delicious food at RCMA. I want to share some of that magic with all of you. Hopefully, you will experience all of the fun and friendliness that I have =). Have a great summer and make sure to come again soon!

Victoria R. My name is Victoria, I am a current and past Worthy Advisor in Branford Assembly #19 in Connecticut. I am currently grand Fidelity, and a past grand representative to Massachusetts. I have been camp 5 weeks, and I've always loved rifelry and archery. But this summer, I think I am most likely looking forward to evening activities and watching girls

perform in the weekly drama productions! 

Rebecca S. is from Goffstown Assembly #22 in NH. This will be her sixth year coming back to camp, but her first year on staff. She is Grand Love and Liaison to DeMolay in NH, and is excited to give back to a place that has given her so many great memories!

Jessie P. is from Georgetown Assembly #98. This is her first year on staff at RCMA, though she has been involved for years with the campground her family spends the summer at!

Cailyn M.

Rachael H.