Grand Assembly of Massachusetts
  Susan A. Torrey, Supreme Inspector

Massachusetts Grand Assembly


*** 2020-2021 RACOM ***

The RACOM will be producing a "digital" Yearbook issue this year, which will be posted to the website for download as a PDF in June. Information and forms will be sent out in late January, so please keep an eye on your emails. It will include Grand Officer and Representative and Assembly sections. There will also be a Cover Art contest with a gift card for the winner! Stay tuned! Deadlines for all submissions is May 1st.

The RACOM for 2020-2021 will be suspended due to COVID-19. We hope to start-up in June 2021 for the 2021-2022 Grand Year. 



Submit Cover Art for the RACOM that fits the GAMA or a seasonal theme to Mom Tricia. In your email, select whether you would prefer an iTunes, Amazon, or Dunkin Donuts gift card (all in $25 amounts) if your cover is published. 



There are three (3) issues of the RACOM published annually: Fall, Winter and Grand Assembly

The RACOM Representative from each Assembly is responsible for collecting subscriptions (minimum of 5 at $5 for each subscription), and writing an assembly article and collecting boosters (minimum of $5 or 20 lines) for each issue. Complete these items by the deadline dates, and receive a RACOM bar to be worn with your merit bars.

There are new deadlines for the RACOM, starting June 2018. Please note the changes below:

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  Email Mom Tricia or use the button to the right by August 1st
  Postmarked by October 1st or use the online order form
  Fall Issue
  Postmarked by October 1st
  Distributed at the Rainbow Ball 
  Winter Issue
  Postmarked by January 15th
  Distributed at the Feb GON
  Grand Assembly Issue
  Postmarked by April 15th
  Distributed at Grand Assembly
  Yearbook Submissions
  Email Mom Tricia by May 1st

The RACOM is also looking for Cover Art Submissions and other works of art or creative writing for the RACOM. Share your talents! 

Please note that:

Reports, Cover Art, and other items go to the RACOM Editor - Mom Tricia

Booster Lists and Subscriptions go to the Booster Manager - Mom Major