Grand Assembly of Massachusetts
  Susan A. Torrey, Supreme Inspector

Massachusetts Grand Assembly

Meet Massachusetts Rainbow's Supreme Inspector

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Each September, the leaves turn color, the air becomes brisk, and the aroma of hot apple cider warms the heart.    Fall is a great time to visit the apple orchard and see the bounty of harvest before winter delivers the first freeze. 

Let's Talk APPLES!  On the outside, they can be bright red and shiny. When you take a bite, they are either juicy and sweet or crisp and a bit sour!  The most important component of the apple, similar to us, is the core. A popular phrase you have no doubt heard is........"it's what's on the inside that counts!"  For us, our core is made up of many organs including our heart.  When we speak with our heart, we are kind, forgiving and accepting.

When you slice an apple in half horizontally, inside you will see a star shape with the seeds held in the  points of a star shape.  So within every apple there is a star.  Within each of you there is a heart.  Share your heart with prospective members so they too can enjoy the wonderful organization we call The International Order of Rainbow for Girls. 

Each of you remind me of apples with a special star within.  Find your passion and you will shine like the stars in the night sky.  Next time you have an apple, go ahead, slice the apple in half horizontally and see the star within.