Grand Assembly of Massachusetts
  Susan A. Torrey, Supreme Inspector

Massachusetts Grand Assembly

Welcome to the MA Majority Alumni Association

MISSON STATEMENT:  The purpose of the Majority Association is to give majority members an opportunity to stay connected, reconnect, get reenergized and renew Massachusetts Rainbow by keeping a level of involvement that matches their life and career responsibilities and goals.

STRUCTURE:  The Association has the following offices:


          Vice President 



The goal of the Association is to meet at least once a quarter for the purpose of discussing ways to help Massachusetts Rainbow and give majority members a chance to socialize and reconnect.

There will be opportunities developed by the Supreme Deputy, Grand Executive Board and Membership Committee for majority members to help through the year; for example, collations after Grand Officers’ Nights and assisting at Grand Assembly.  The President will coordinate contacting majority members to help with these projects.

DRESS:  Each member of the Association will purchase a white polo shirt with the Massachusetts Majority Alumnae Association logo on it.  This polo can be worn with a Rainbow-appropriate skirt.  This will allow the Association members to be identified at Rainbow functions.  Shirt order (with payment) can be sent to the Association Treasurer using the order form

DUES:  Members are not required to pay dues to participate.  Pay dues allows you to be a voting member of the Association and participate in more than just our social activities and volunteer work.  Dues are $10.00 annual and are also paid to the Association Treasurer.

PIN:  Upon your achieving your majority, your assembly should have presented you with a pin and this information.  If you did not receive a pin, please notify the Association so that one can be supplied.  If you have lost your pin, or know of a majority member who is not yet a member of the Association, pins can be purchased for $5.00.

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