Grand Assembly of Massachusetts
  Susan A. Torrey, Supreme Deputy

Massachusetts Grand Assembly

What is Rainbow Camp?

Rainbow Camp of Massachusetts was founded in 1948 by Mrs. Lulu H. Gobrecht, the founder of Rainbow Assemblies in Massachusetts. Since then it has been a place where all Rainbow Girls can meet and make new friends. Campers are welcome from any Grand Jurisdiction. The friendships made at Rainbow Camp are some of the most treasured memories of any Rainbow Girl.

Daily activities include a flag raising and lowering, capers, music, classes, evening activity, and evening circle.  Campers get the opportunity to learn sportsmanship and many new skills in their classes.  Some classes are taught every year, and some are added based on the talents of the Counselors.  So check our website for updated class offerings.

The Campers stay in cabins furnished with bunk beds. No two cabins are exactly same, so make sure you visit all of them. There is plenty of variety in meals so dietary restrictions won’t stop any girl from enjoying great food with everyone.

All Counselors and Junior Counselors are carefully selected, and spend months planning all kinds of fun activities for their campers. 

The Camp fee is $300 per week, with a $50 deposit required for each week registered, which is applicable to the camp fee.

We are licensed by the Board of Health and C.O.R.I. checks are completed on all staff.

Rainbow Camp is operated by the Board of Directors which include:

     Mrs. Sharon Burke-Prescott

     Mrs. Nancy Whalen

     Mrs. Stephanie Rooney



Executive Director

Assistant Director

(781) 308-2708 |

(508) 947-0896 |

(508) 878-3137 |

To download a digital copy of our brochure, click here.