Grand Assembly of Massachusetts
  Susan A. Torrey, Supreme Inspector

Massachusetts Grand Assembly

Why Join Rainbow?

Growing up can be tough on young girls. Somewhere between the pressures of fitting in, doing well in school, and being a good daughter, it’s easy for a young mind to mix up a few priorities. Girls can get lost and forget that the important things in life can’t be found in a store, a hair salon, or on the most popular list at school.

Being a member of Rainbow gives girls the power of knowledge—to know right from wrong and to be able make decisions by using their head and their heart instead of peer pressure. Rainbow Girls will experience the joy of giving through volunteering in their community or on a nation-wide assignment. Most importantly, the confidence and leadership skills taught through Rainbow will continue to open doors for each girl through college and her career.

Joining Is Easy! Rainbow welcomes girls between the ages of 11 and 20, regardless of their race or religious background. This diversity truly brings people together and makes us strong! 

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